About this Website

This web site was created by students, faculty, and staff at WWU as a public service to the local community. The water quality data and research projects represent the ongoing efforts of countless students working to collect and quantify information about local watersheds. The lake descriptions were provided by Dr. Robin Matthews and Huxley College students Peter Pearsall and Edward Dondup.

The current web pages, based on the WWU template, were designed by WWU Computer Science students Art Armstrong, Tim Hannifin, Chad Elofson, Elizabeth Matthews and Alexander Quigley Freedman working under the supervision of Dr. Geoffrey Matthews (Computer Science Dept), Dr. Robin Matthews (Institute for Watershed Studies.), and Dr. Martin Granier (Internet Studies Center).

Software used in this website: Node.js, Express, Jade, jQuery, Blue Imp Gallery, WWU Template, Apache.

Any comments concerning this web site should be directed to the IWS Director.