Algae Images


The IWS Image Library contains images of aquatic organisms from the Pacific Northwest. These images may be used for noncommercial, educational purposes as described in our license agreement. The images are organized into convenient categories rather than a strict taxonomic hierarchy. All identifications are done to the best of our ability based on recently published taxonomic keys, but may not represent the most recent nomenclature due to the rapidly changing nature of taxonomy.

How to browse the images:

  • Select a group of algae by clicking on a group and then a subgroup.
  • A sample of images in the subgroup will appear below.
  • Click on one of the sample thumbnails to view a full size gallery of all algae images in your selected group.
  • Refine your selection by clicking further subgroups as they appear.

Images (31 in Bluegreen_Algae Chroococcus)