Goss Lake

Goss Lake (Island County) is located on the southern end of Whidbey Island. Gas motors are prohibited on this 40 acre lake, but a small boat launch is available for public use. The lake experiences recurring blue-green algae blooms, which may produce dangerous toxins, so avoid water contact if there are warning signs posted.

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LakeKeyDateDO mg/LTemp CpHCond uS/cmChl ug/LAlk mg/LTurb NTUNH3 ug-N/LTN ug-N/LNO2+3 ug-N/LTP ug-P/LSRP ug-P/L
GossGOS4/29/0810.27NA7.71231.9301.0240.611.32317.8< 3
GossGOS8/27/088.3720.58129233.20.811.4337.7< 109.9< 3
GossGOS8/24/099.421.48.11331.934.40.31< 10390< 105.1< 3
GossGOS3/25/109.4112.37.8122.6NA31.73.3320.1591< 1012< 3
GossGOS7/14/108.3722.37.9124.21.531.50.54< 10498< 1012.5< 3
GossGOS7/18/118.822.17.5117.92.5311.1431.251732.89< 3
GossGOS7/16/128.723.87.6118.71.429.90.9230.754391.410.9< 3
GossGOS7/22/138.8322.37.8122.82.833.20.594< 10469.8< 1011.3< 3
GossGOS8/4/148.812481253.98350.84< 10388< 1010.2< 3